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Integration of the Resources from CCU and NCKU.
    In collaboration with NCKU, CCU will lead the researches on aging society in general and provide long-term administrative assistance for this project. The fundamental and leading concept of our project is ‘Successful Aging’. Based on this concept, the research team members conduct research topics according to their specialties and the Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences at CCU in collaboration with the Center at NCKU will be responsible for interdisciplinary integration.

    The Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences at CCU will integrate the research topics from different colleges at CCU and NCKU. The Center will thus serve as the platform for team members from different research areas on both campuses. We integrate the area of laws and regulations with technology research and development, cognitive research, policy research, and education learning to reach two goals: understanding and application. Understanding means that we understand the mental state, cognition and behaviors of the elders, their feeling and thinking, needs, and the ways for communication and their adaptability to the new technology and changing environment. Application means that the elders are able to actively participate in social affairs and community activities. The government and industry are also able to look for new directions for the development of technology and industries in an aging society.
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