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Education and Training
(1) Recruit postdoctoral fellows and cultivate new scholars
     CCU plans to offer positions for postdoctoral researchers to investigate the issues relating to an aging society. These positions will be open to both domestic and international scholars with a Ph.D degree in relevant disciplines.
(2) Establish interdisciplinary program and cultivate talents
     The project-related departments at CCU and NCKU will offer interdisciplinary courses covering all aspects of an aging society. The program at CCU will include three types of courses, namely basic courses, advanced courses and practical training courses. It is anticipated that the basic and advanced courses will be semester-based, while the practical training courses will be run during the summer break. The details of the various courses are as follows:
a.Basic courses:
     The basic courses will introduce the concept of “Successful Aging” and help the students understand the physical and psychological changes which take place during the aging process.
b.Advanced courses:
     The advanced courses will examine the effects of aging on an individual’s cognitive abilities and will explore the impact of population aging on society, the economy, and education. In addition, the courses will encourage the students to consider ways of creating an “elderly-oriented” environment and using the experience of the elderly to improve Taiwan’s culture and society.
c.Practical training courses:
     The practical training courses will give the students the opportunity to put their classroom learning into practice and to really understand the characteristics and needs of the elderly. The training will take place in institutions such as long-term health care facilities, community care centers, group exercise rehabilitation centers, and so on. In addition to providing hands-on care for the elderly, the students will also be expected to participate in the planning and execution of a full range of related activities.
(3) Invite resident experts to deliver research courses on aging
     CCU will invite visiting scholars to deliver research courses on aging at the Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences and other related departments. The classes will be taught entirely in English in order to improve the English language skills of the students.
(4) Offer opportunities for teachers and students to conduct research or study abroad to gain an international perspective
     CCU will offer scholars or students with an outstanding performance in the aging society research field the opportunity to study / conduct further research overseas at academic institutions such as Miami University in the United States or MPI in Germany. By doing so, the teachers / students will develop a more global perspective and will lay down the foundations for possible future international collaborative ventures.
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