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Title:《Speech》Multidisciplinary Approaches for Measuring Slipperiness
Slips, trips and falls are a serious occupational injury problem. According to the Liberty Mutual Safety Index, costs for falls on the same level due to disabling workplace injuries in 2005 was estimated to be approximately 7.7 billion US dollars. Among the total disabling workplace injuries, falls on the same level accounted for 14.6% of costs. Slipperiness plays a crucial role in identifying potential dangerous spots and evaluating potential interventions. The simplest determination of slipperiness is by the level of coefficient of friction (COF) measured, a low COF representing a more slippery situation and a high COF meaning a less slippery condition. However, there are other factors that might affect the slipperiness measurements. This presentation will cover multidisciplinary approaches for measuring slipperiness that have been carried out at Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety over the years to address these issues.
Title:《Speech》Harvesting Cognitive and Brain Plasticity in Old Age
This lecture will review recent evidence showing that various kinds of intellectual and physical trainings improve cognitive and brain functioning. In general, the available findings indicate that environmental and social supports that help older adults to maintain an intellectually engaged and physically active lifestyle promote successful aging, even though plasticity in old age is more limited in comparisons to other life periods. Whereas early intervention studies showed little transfer of function from specifically trained skills to new cognitive tasks, more recent training studies suggested that integrated tasks that require executive control and coordination skills may be helpful in training cognitive control functions in general, and thus has a potential to transfer to new tasks. In summary, extant evidence suggests that there is considerable reserve cognitive and brain plasticity in old age that can be enhanced through intervention programs.
Title:《Congratulation》Director James H-Yi Tai was awarded Life-time Achievement Award in Linguistics from LST
Prof. James H-Y. Tai received the 2010 Life-time Achievement Award in Linguistics on November 13, 2010 from the Linguistic Society of Taiwan. This award is the highest honor for linguists in Taiwan. According to the award conferrer Prof. Shuan-Fan Huang, Prof. Tai was the ‘navigator’ of linguistic researches in Taiwan, and he also inspired the thoughts for scholars to come.
Prof. Tai received his Ph. D. in linguistics from Indiana University and taught in the US for twenty-five years. He moved back to Taiwan in 1995 and founded the Graduate Institute of Linguistics at National Chung Cheng University. He had been the Vice-President and the Dean of College of Humanities at National Chung Cheng University. In addition, he had been the Director-General of Department of Humanities and Social Sciences of the National Science Council. He was elected President of International Association of Chinese Linguistics (IACL) in 2004. Currently he is endowed Chair Professor of the Graduate Institute of Linguistics and the Director of Center for the Humanities and Social Sciences at National Chung Cheng University.
Prof. Tai is now devoted to the research of ‘aging, language and cognition’. He hopes that his research can shed light on the early diagnosis and treatment for aging related diseases such as dementia.
Title:《Speech》因應高齡化社會的衛生政策與研究發展 (Chinese)
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