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Academic research
     As discussed above, the various research projects which form part of this initiative will be guided by the fundamental concept of “Successful Aging”. The research will be broadly classified into five general areas, namely Physical Health Care, Mental Health Care, Social Security, Laws and Regulations, and Education Learning. The scope of each area is briefly described in the following paragraphs.
Physical Health Care
     This research area integrates the humanities, social science, medical science, mechanical engineering, computer science, communications, and electrical engineering disciplines in order to develop a model for the prevention of chronic diseases and for facilitating the long-term care of the elderly. For example, typical research topics will consider the feasibility of using nano-indentation measurement techniques to evaluate knee joint disorders, or the use of fiber-optic localized plasmon resonance biosensors to detect early indicators of possible disease. Research will also be conducted to devise novel techniques for the long-term conservation of cells, the use of virtual teaching systems in the field of arthroscopic surgery, and so on.  
     In the Ubiquitous Health-Care House, a novel Behavior and Context Aware System will be established for the health care of the elderly. The system will be designed to detect the vital signals, daily living behavioral patterns, and social activity habits of an elderly individual by means of non-invasive detectors, wireless positioning systems, visual monitors, and so on. The system will then react promptly and appropriately to any detected health-care issue via an integrated virtual-reality information system. In addition, the system will communicate automatically with medical and social professionals and experts in the event that it detects the requirement for medical care, psychological counseling, or social support services.
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