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Social Security
     Social participation plays an important role in achieving the goal of “Successful Aging”. The research projects in the social security field will be divided into three areas, namely Basic Research, Economy Safety, and Care for Living. The Basic Research projects will investigate the effects of Taiwan’s unique cultural characteristics and general worldwide management viewpoints on aging society policy planning in Taiwan. In addition, projects will be performed to examine how different social policies affect the lives of people at various ages at the macro scale. Meanwhile, the Economy Safety research projects will investigate the effect of the economy safety system on the accumulation and redistribution of the nation’s economic resources. Various research projects will also be performed to establish appropriate strategies for dealing with employment and retirement problems in an aging society. Finally, the Care for Living research projects will examine the problems of financial planning for the long-term care of the elderly and ensuring the quality of the care provided in nursing homes, respectively. Projects will also be undertaken to identify suitable means of ensuring that the elderly are able to make the best possible use of new and emerging technologies.
Social Security
The Projection of Aged Population in Taiwan.
Analysis of Social Policy for Old Age under Traditional Culture Value in Taiwan.
International Convention and Regime of Aging Societies: Program, Principle, and Declaration of the United Nation.
Policy Analsis and Planning of an Aging Society in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan.
Health effects of cultural factors, social capital and successful aging among the Elderly: a life course approach.
Theory and Empirical analysis of the effect of active aging on health expenditure and resource allocation.
Age in the Taiwanese Welfare State: The Devekopment of Social Spending since 1970.
The Feasibility of Reverse Mortgage Program for Old Age in Taiwan.
Challenges to the Survivability of the National Health Insurance Program in the Aging Era: Reforming the Financing System.
Challenges to the Survivability of the National Health Insurance Program in the Aging Era: Promoting the Effectiveness of Medical Utilization.
Economic Development, Political Transformation and Welfare State Restructuring: the Example of the Old-Age Income Security System in East Asia since 1990.
The Activation Strategy for Elderly Labor Market and Social Participation in the Aging Society.
The Impact and style Analysis of National Pension Insurance Based on Solidarity Concept in Taiwan.
Tackling Social Exclusion of Older People: north-south, rural-urban, gender, class and ethnicity contrasts.
The Employment of Aging Society: The Development and Consideration of Flexible Labor Policy in Taiwan.
A proposal to finance Public long term care insurance-theperspectives of Intergenerational Solidarity and generational equit.
Study on Changing of Care network for Elderly People with Dementia Disease.
Dimensions and Determinants of Service Quality: A Multi-level Analysis of Residential Homes foe the Elderly in Southern Taiwan.
Social support from medicine shopping programs: A study on elderly people.
New Technologies of Telecommunication and Social Support for Elders.
Senior’s Participation in Politics and Community: the case of Chaiyi County.
“Offshoring” the Elderly? Taiwanese Retirees in China.
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