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Education Learning
     For the elderly to participate more fully in social affairs, a greater emphasis must be placed on the importance of education and learning. Having considered the international tendencies of aging societies, the unique cultural characteristics of Taiwan, and the local characteristics of Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan counties in southern Taiwan, five areas of research in the education learning field are proposed, namely (1) Policy and Administration, (2) Education Psychology and Learning, (3) Education Physiology and Activities, (4) Social Participation, and (5) Spiritual Thoughts. The research studies in the Policy and Administration area will address issues relating to policy planning and implementation, the establishment of community services and learning, and cross-national comparisons, respectively. The research projects in the Psychology and Learning area will investigate problems such as curriculum planning, the cultivation of qualified teachers, retirement preparation, and the establishment of effective learning and teaching styles. The research studies in the Education Physiology and Activities area will address the importance of “Successful Aging” and the need for physical activity inventories and physical fitness norms. The research projects in the Social Participation area will examine issues such as grandparenting, the cultural characteristics of the disadvantaged, and the need for a creative culture. Finally, the research studies in the Spiritual Thoughts area will focus on the transmission of thoughts and experiences from one generation to the next.
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